Sunday, May 20, 2012


Remember your childhood when all you wanted to eat was cookies, cakes, donuts, candy and pop?  Well, as it turns out when you are elderly, you CAN!!!  Mary Beth & Bill have a sweet tooth that rivals that of a 5 year old.  
Almost every morning, my mother will request a donut or piece of chocolate to go with her 2nd cup of coffee right after eating Froot Loops for breakfast!  My dad will ask for ice cream sometimes after eating his Froot Loops for lunch.  In between, they will steal chocolates from the candy jar that sits in the kitchen.  I have seen them eat something sweet after a meal of waffles or pancakes!  I feel dizzy and diabetic watching them down all that sugar with Coke.  Dessert is expected after every dinner.  Usually ice cream, sometimes with chocolate syrup and always accompanied by a cookie or two-naturally!  My dad hoards Peppermint Lifesavers, cookies and chocolates in his pockets!  He even goes to bed with them!
My mom will request cake for every real and imaginary occasion during the year.  She thinks we need more than one type for any occasion  like Christmas, Easter, July 4th, birthdays and wedding anniversaries.  Her rationale is "so no one in the house has to do without because they don't like what we got."  She claimed not to like the carrot cake I got for Alex's birthday, so I bought a coconut cake, too.  Later in the day we found what was left of the carrot cake, a pile of rubble where Mary Beth had notched into it using a large spoon like a backhoe.  Without a trace of irony, she said, "I like carrot cake!"    
We have also purchased cake for non-holiday occasions like first day or last day of school, getting stitches out, getting a new toilet, Steve returning from a business trip, Heidi coming back from vacation, Alex and Taylor's grades, anniversary of their move here or someone arriving for a visit.  It reminds me of an old Andy Griffith episode where the Morrison sisters were selling Moonshine for "celebratory purposes only, not just for nipping".  The locals knew this and therefore would purchase the alcohol under the guise of being for legitimate reasons, like Sir Walter Raleigh Day.  I really wouldn't be TOO surprised if WE got a cake for National Potato Week!  I mean at this point, isn't the allure of the cakes close to that of Moonshine?


Julie said...

Hey, Gadget Girl, glad you are keeping that sense of humor! I'm certain that is the secret to maintaining sanity.

If getting older means I can eat my cake and have my sweets, I say 'bring it'! Of course, that's only possible with dedication and love of a child. Keep smiling ~ and get some sleep!

Gadget Girl said...

Julie, it took the repeated urging of the best friend anyone could want, Cathy Creno (nee Retzlaff), for me to do this blog. It was good that I had kept journals of everything for the last 3 years! This living arrangement was so overwhelming at first that I fear I lost friends because of my reactions to each new situation. Since then, I have become older, wiser and a lot grayer, but I see everything around me now as subjects to be written about. A 3-generational household used to be the last thing I could imagine wanting, but now I can't imagine why. Thank you for reading my post. I'm so glad we have this connection!-GG